MAŠA KAGAO KNEZChoreographer, dancer, dance pedagouge

Maša Kagao Knez (1978) works as a dancer, choreographer and theatre practitioner. She first came into contact with the performing arts as a child through the work of her mother, Jasna Knez, a dancer and choreographer herself.

Maša was educated by various international teachers, both in Slovenia and abroad, and graduated in 2006 from Georges Momboye school for African traditional and contemporary dance in Paris. In 2013 she graduated from the Academy of dance in Ljubljana.

She has worked with leading Slovenian and international dance and theatre practitioners. As a dancer, actress and choreographer, she has worked in both big production theatres as well as independent companies.

In 2009 Maša, together with dancer Dalanda Diallo and musician Damir Mazrek, co-founded the Baobab cultural and arts society, which operates in the field of dance, music and theatre. Since 2015 she has been the artistic director of Institute 25 and manages the Dance studio XXV, as well as creates dance performances. Her last in a series of many successful shows “MOMENTUM, avenue captured moments” was created in 2015.

Maša’s teaching and choreography work is based on research of movement material in which different dance techniques and movement motives of African dance traditions intertwine, complement and transform into the author dance expression.

She received a Ksenija Hribar dance award in 2013. Three years later she won the third prize at the XX. Festival of choreographic miniatures in Belgrade as part of the duo with musician Murat.

PERFORMANCESChoreographer, dancer, performer

In 2003 she started her career as an independent choreographer, co-founding LAFI together with Blaž Korez and Damir Mazrek. This dance/music group has staged several musical shows and performances, which integrated African and contemporary dance elements: Afro/flamenco performance !OLE – EBA!  (2008), ABONDAN (2007), BIRIGAYDI (2006), SORSORNET (2006).

In 2004 she created the first dance theatre performance MISSAWA co-produced by Društvo za ohranjanje gledališke dediščine (the Society for the conservation of theatrical heritage) and Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Dance theatre Ljubljana), the latter also hosted the show.

Followed by:

2007: MOJA BOLJŠA POLOVICA?/MY BETTER HALF?/a dance performance (co-creator: Nestor Kouame)/ Production: Plesni teater Ljubljana

2009: OBISK V AFRIŠKI VASI performance for children (co-creators: Jasna Knez, Dalanda Diallo, Damir Mazrek, Blaž Korez, Issiaka Sanou) / Production: Društvo

Afriški center & KUD Baobab

2009: MOI TOI NOUS – JAG DU VI – JAZ TI MI a dance performance (soustvarjalki: Dalanda Diallo, Malin Wiskari)/ Production: KUD Baobab

2011: NAMEŠČENI /PLACED a dance performance/ Co-production: KUD Baobab&Zavod En-Knap

2010 & 2011: ROJENA ZUNAJ SVOJE VASI, 1978./BORN OUTSIDE HER VILLAGE, 1978 – dance solo (co-creators, choreografphers: Rosana Hribar, Filibert Tologo)/ Co-production: KUD Baobab & PTL

2012: STOPINJE/FOOTSTEPS a dance-music performance/ Production: KUD Baobab

2013: DIA DIASSO DIASSPORA a dance-music performance/Co-production: KUD Baobab & Cankarjev dom

2015: MOMENTUM Avenija ujetih trenutkov / MOMENTUM Avenue of Captured Moments, a dance-music performance / Co-production: KUD Baobab, Studio 25, PTL, Cankarjev dom

2016: PLESIŠČE (co-author: Jana Menger) a dance performance/ Production: Flota, Co-production: PTL and Studio 25

2016: POSVETITEV POMLADI (triptih; co-authors: Jana Menger, Rosana Hribar) a dance performance/ Production: Flota, Co-production: PTL and Studio 25

She also works as a choreographer, dancer and actress in big production theatres as well as independent companies: Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Dance Theater Ljubljana), SNG Nova Gorica, Mestno gledališče Ljubljana – MGL, SNG Drama Ljubljana, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, Anton Podbevšek Teater, Mini teater…

Avtorske predstave

Avtorske predstave

Vloge v gledaliških predstavah

Vloge v gledaliških predstavah

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Plesne vloge


  • Koreografije

DANCE CLASSES & WORKSHOPSAfro-contemporary dance & African dances

Maša’s choreographic and teaching work is based on connecting contemporary dance techniques with West African dances. She focuses on exploring different qualities and is interested in how to stimulate dancers to achieve various possibilities of dance expression with the help of mastering dance technique, the elements of African tradition (rhythm, movement motives,…) and improvisation.

The class is intended for all dancers, regardless of their prior training. Focusing on different qualities (awareness and reactivity of the body, clear impetus, precision and intention of movement, focus in a given moment,…), the class develops fluidity, a greater amplitude of movement as well as a freer, richer and more authentic performance.



The workshop will start with a warm-up that includes movement motives of the African dance tradition, followed by a dance phrase, connecting the elements learned during the class.

Accompanied by live percussion, you will have the chance to dance out and away all your tensions. The workshop is intended to all (women and men, also those without prior experience) who wish to further develop their dance expression as well as to those who only wish to unwind or get to know the African culture through dance and music.



STUDIO 25Artistic director

Studio 25, zavod za kulturne dejavnosti zastopa direktorica Andreja Potočnik, umetniški vodja pa je Maša Kagao Knez. Poleg produkcije avtorskih projektov, Studio 25 organizira celoletno plesno in glasbeno izobraževanje, ki poteka na Parmovi 25 v Ljubljani.